The History of Las Vegas Junior Academy


In 1933, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Las Vegas decided to start a church school to meet the educational needs of the children in their congregation. In 1934 a house was rented in North Las Vegas and the first teacher was hired to teach grades 1-8. For the first three years, the church school supported a 20 student enrollment.

In 1936, a new church was built which allowed the school to be held in the adjoining rooms. The school ran effectively for two years, until enrollment reached 25 students. At this point, the school was too small to effectively teach the students in attendance.

Another church was built in 1942 by the corner of Tenth street and Carson in down town Las Vegas. Again, the adjoining rooms were adequate as a classroom setting until 1950. In 1951, the church decided to build a new school next to the church. The new school was finished and opened it's doors in September, 1952. The school continued to grow to about 40 students. However, the school was not large enough for continued growth and the school needed an increased enrollment to meet the growing financial demands.

In 1965, five acres were purchased on the corner of Oakey and Jones Blvd. Building of a new school began in June, 1966. Due to the financial situation, only two rows of classrooms were built with room left between for a gym and office addition. Plans included the option of adding on to the school if more room was needed. The gymnasium and office were completed and by 1972, Las Vegas Adventist Academy had 106 students enrolled. By 1988, grades 9 and 10 were successfully operating. To meet the demand of a continued student increase, two classroom modules were placed behind the school structure in 1998. By the close of 2000, 165 students were in attendance with a waiting list for class openings.

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